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The Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya, as it exists today is the result of a merger between the Department of Islamic Studies and the Academy of Islam. Prior to this merging.....

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Friday, 28 October 2011


Research plays an important role in elevating academic status and generating career pathways in institutions of higher learning. It is generally accepted that academicians, researchers and postgraduate students at both masters and doctor of philosophy levels (PhD) in various studies and fields were the groups of paramount importance in sustaining that roles.

The field of Islamic study is a vast area of discipline that could provide a multitude of perspectives to researchers interested in exploring the various aspects of the field. In fact, Islamic Studies are among the field that greatly contributes in knowledge discipline that shaped the direction of the ‘ummah’. On top of that, researches that were carried out shaped not only theory, but also the application of the said theory in contemporary societies. Therefore, study and research in the fields of Islamic Studies creates meaning that greatly contributes towards the development of a value-added society.

Realizing this importance, and in conjunction with the 30th anniversary celebration of the Academy of Islamic Studies, the Division of Postgraduates Studies initiated a research seminar that would highlight research findings carried out by academics, researchers and postgraduates students in fields of Islamic Studies. It is hoped that through the presentation and discussion that will be made during the seminar, would benefit and contribute further to the development of the society.

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